ibml ImageTracDS Scanner Series

Counter‐Intelligence for
Your Chaotic Mailroom

Escape Mailroom Madness

Slow Scans

Security Issues

Paper Jams

Compliance Setbacks

Missed Signatures

Pre & Post-Scan Prep

Heavy Immobile Scanners

Auditing Mishaps


Mailroom Threats are Everywhere

Disguised in the form of business as usual, these threats are hellbent on dragging down workflow and making your mailroom more challenging to run. If your legacy scanner isn’t capable of neutralizing threats, it’s adding to your woes.

All mailrooms fare better with highly intelligent scanners capable of keeping pace with your business and ever‑increasing customer expectations. What it would it be like to have a Mensa‑level desktop scanner that sorts it all out for you? Find out with the ibml ImageTracDS Scanner Series — the smartest scanners in the room.

Your Mailroom is a Battleground.

Get ready to win more battles.

Scanning away mailroom menaces hiding amongst your documents requires a strategy for outsmarting them. A truly intelligent scanner knows how to detect them because when it captures documents, it can also understand and analyze data. This brief is full of insights that spell out:

Where your pressure points are, so you can catch what can go wrong before it does.

How to avoid mailroom self‑sabotage.

Ways to save on labor costs, reduce prep time and accelerate throughput.

How Does Your Scanner Rate in Intelligence?

Find out now. This infographic helps breaks down the differences between Low‑IQ Scanners and Highly-Intelligent Scanners.

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Watch Scanner
Intelligence in Action

These quick clips reveal how to avoid mailroom self-sabotage, achieve accelerated throughput and more!

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Mensa-level Sorting

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